Responding to the challenges in the coming year


The year 2012 had many incidents that has rocked the Muslim world, from the arab spring, which dragged Arab regimes to the ground, to the blind massacres of Arab tyrants in Bahrain, to the massacres of Muslims in Burma.

In the Philippines, we have faced many calamities which has affected many Muslims. With the success of the signing of the FAB by the government as well as the formation of the Transition Commission, we Muslims in the Philippines are faced with one question :

How ready are we to face with this new phase of relations wherein assymetric relationship exists between the national Government and the Bangsamoro political entity?

For those outside of the geographic boundaries of this new entity, how do we deal with this?

As usual, we who are in the business of education has a lot of challenges, as we see that there is a need to continue in influencing and educating critical key people and groups to continually participate in the peace process and encourage people to participate in interfaith and intrafaith dialogue, to encourage communities to be more open to a concept of a multicultural society.

With a new year coming ahead of us, we face a question :

Are we ready for the changes and challenges in the coming year?


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