The sea plays its rhymes in mysterious ways

Life has many ways of playing with destiny. It plays in ways one cannot expect to happen. A scholar met a very promising men around three years ago in a conference, their conversation centered around the Iranun history and Maguindanao, the scholar asked the young man if he knew a person whom the scholar regarded as a role model in his youth, the young man said yes, seeing such, a new level of friendship was struck.

eventually as time passed by both found out they had simmilar advocacies and plans for the young people of their clans. It was a wonderful idea, activities, trainings, projects many were done in a space of two years. another scholar eventually joined the fray and the young man is now an antropologist in training.

Something funny happened later, when in a trip,they visited the young man’s dad who looked very much and every inch the typical Uncle the two scholars would see at their hometown. It was quite an experience where you would feel a shiver as well as the the connection.

Later another thing happened, in another project, the scholar met relatives of the young man in a research project, after asking who is who, the resource persons were very sure in saying that the scholar (as well as his fellow scholar kin) were distant relatives, due to the nature of their linkage to the sea and the history of the sea.

And so again one can say, the sea has many ways of cooperating with destiny in playing with the fates of her sons far across the seas.


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