In the pursuit of shared spaces.

 “trying to find sense in a multilaterally occupied space”.

Trying to see spaces where one can find ones niche is a challenge in today’s era where all fields of knowledge intersect with each other, where education would need philosophizing, science needs conscienticizing, technology needs ethicalizing. Each field of human endeavour trying to establish their own trailblazing discoveries in an ever shrinking field of shared spaces.

People tend to look towards the past as a reference of what they wish to do today, or what they wish to create. This then creates a reference point wherein all thoughts transect or find a common denominator.

Today the west has been glued to the usage of the West as a total reference to all fields of knowledge, trying to fit in most uncomfortable notions of identities  of people’s of the “non-west” and imposing a “west-like” mould for them to slide in. What they fail to see that the “non-west” (sharqawi) has its own long line of philosophical and intellectual traditions in which the west has immensely borrowed and taken from.

This Sharqshenasi (eastern worldview) in a way provides many answers to the multifarious questions that both modern and postmodernist philosophers seeks to answer. While the West seeks to respond an argument from either a reason-based argument or attack reason as a basis of philosophizing; the East has always looked to virtues, rights and obligations as a means of respond philosophically to the world, in an aim of attaining balance.

The East may be composed of many faith and intellectual traditions which on the onset seems to contradict each other. But on a whole is centered on a singular issue :

Balance and Harmony.


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